Friday, November 7, 2008

The PUSH factor & The PULL factor

The PUSH factor & The PULL factor
What drives you? Why do you want to do it?
Can you do it? Will you do it?

The PUSH factor
Before you SCORE, you must first ask about where is your GOAL?
What is you GOAL?

The PULL factor
To achieve GOAL, you must imagine your achievements, your SCORE.

The PUSH factor & The PULL factor formula:
Goal = Score
(+Push) Goal = Score
(+Push) Goal = Score (+Pull)
(+Push factor) Goal = Score (+Pull factor)
You are getting closer the PUSH factor & The PULL factor.
To achieve the RESULT, we need a PUSH factor to our GOAL.
Then we need a PULL factor to achieve our SCORE.

The PUSH factor is the DRIVE FORCE for us to reach our GOAL to SCORE.
The PULL factor is the imaginary RESULT for us to believe.

Imaginary RESULT is what you believe in your dream.

The PULL factor need lots of energy.
Energy of the mind power to make you believe towards achieving your GOAL.

Target (Imaginary RESULT) = Goal (+Push factor) + Score (+Pull factor)

the PUSH factor can either be your rival, your competitor,
your self achivement or your self satisfaction.
The PULL factor is the beautiful dream that you want to believe in it,
the walk on the stage and awarded with the grand trophy feelings,
the walk of fame of every man's dream,
a peace of mind.

Thank you very much.
Salam hormat, salam penuh kasih dan sayang.
by: NAMOYAKI, The Island of Namoyaki.